How to measure your size

Knowing your size is very important to enhance your breasts and avoid any discomfort. Here are the tricks for finding your bra.

Wear an unpadded bra and stand upright, with your back straight.


Measure your chest

Place the tape measure under the 
breast, keeping it well snug and 
parallel to the floor


Measure the width of your breasts

Place the tape measure at the height 
of the nipples by holding it parallel 
to the floor

Enter your measurements into the calculator


Or compare your measurements with the size chart:

Upper Parts

Lower Parts

Are you sure about your size?

The bra should be worn and forgotten. If you find yourself in the condition of feeling discomfort instead, most likely the size is not the correct size. Below we reveal how to find out if the size you are wearing is really the right size. If it is not the correct size, you can review the video above to understand how to take your measurements.

The bra is too big if...

The fabric does not adhere
well to the breast.

Creases are formed
on the fabric.

By raising the arms, the bra
does not adhere to the chest.

The bra is too small if...

It squeezes
your breast

It marks
your skin

Raising his arms,
it moves

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Finding the right model and size is important. With our expert's advice, every woman will be able to find the right bra for her shape.