1. 463 Belseno Allure briefs 463 Belseno Allure briefs
    as low as €16.50
  2. 473 Belseno Design briefs 473 Belseno Design briefs
    as low as €19.90
  3. 453 Belseno Pizzo Cotton briefs 453 Belseno Pizzo Cotton briefs
    as low as €17.50
  4. 702 Belseno Romance briefs 702 Belseno Romance briefs
    as low as €20.00
  5. 252 Belseno Pizzo briefs 252 Belseno Pizzo briefs
    as low as €17.50
  6. 253 Belseno Pizzo Brazilian briefs 253 Belseno Pizzo Brazilian briefs
    as low as €17.50

Women's Classic Panties

Here you will find a wide selection of women's panties with an elegant and feminine style. Garments suitable for everyday wear that go well with any Lepel bra.

Women's Underwear Panties

If you are looking for high-quality underwear that offers maximum comfort all day long, you are in the right place. Lepel offers a complete range of women's underwear.

Order Conveniently from Home

Thanks to our size guide, it becomes very easy to buy your women's panties online. Choose the models you like and order from the comfort of your home. You will receive them very quickly.